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I will never go back to this place. I went in and had Maria. Showed her a picture and talked to her talling her excactly what i wanted and after she cut off 4 inches she told me the hair style i wanted was "Unrealistic". I went home and blow dryed my hair to see what she did do and i started crying, it looked nothing like what i showed her. I went right over to Tease Hair Studio in Hudson MA and told my new stylist what had happened. I showed... Read more

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Fantastic Sam salon at the excelsior Blvd St. Louis park... Have the worst person standing infront of the desk plus the stylist is just a name... She doesn't know anything about it... Ruined my hair... Very bad service Add comment

Fantastic Sams sucks they let a person go right in front of me after waiting for 30 minutes I recommend that y'all do not go there Add comment

I asked for a full head of color in the golden brown I currently had . I walked out 3 hours later with ORANGE hair. No wonder no one was in the salon but me. They are incapable of doing hair color. I should have known when the stylist I was assigned to had BLUE hair. Never use them. This was the Landfall location. Add comment

I hve lost two necklaces becsuse of the hairdresser once in Florida now in new hampshire and all they is sorry who is going to replace them Add comment

I have been a customer at my local Fantastic Sam's for years. I have my hair pulled through a cap because I am violently allergic to developers and can't have them on my scalp. It has been a great silky light blonde or platinum by just using the old bleach. I have tried 3 times in the last year or two to get my hair to a very blonde or platinum blonde at a local Fant. sams. The first time it was toned with an Ash that was supposed to get rid of... Read more

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If you're looking for Melissa Ray, she is now at Westside Shears in West Asheville, 755 Haywood rd. She would love to see you all! Add comment

Jungermann rd. Always had good service with Taylor. Recently got a cut from Kelly. Bad attitude. Will not use again Add comment

Redwing mn 340pm went to get a hair cut at fantastic samsstore no one was gitting a hair cut and was told that we were closing in 15 min and woodnt take a costermeWent to great clips that was full 350pm and still took me and my three children. Add comment

Second time going and both times the haircut was horrible. Will never go back. I went in with a ball cap on from the last cut and had to put it back on before I left the salon. I think what topped it off was I don't have eyebrows so I had them tattooed on and the crazy hairdresser asked me if I wanted my eyebrows waxed, if I had the extra money I would have told her yes just to see her expression when they didn't come off. Guess I will be... Read more

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