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Took my 4 yr old grandson for a haircut to start his new dchool year, only to be very disappointed in the results. His haircut was terrible, it has lines in it where she used the clippers on his head , and all his lines are way off.

When my daughter called to complain they said they couldn't do anything about it because it was closing time in 5 minutes, we told them that we are 3 minutes from them and they wouldn't wait to fix his haircut.So now my grandson will have to go to school with a jacked up haircut. ....Fantastic Sams need to change their name to Not Fantastic Sams.

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Seems they are just hiring anyone. Had my haircut there (Champlin Park, MN) and the moron couldn't and wouldn't take any of the observations i made about the hair being uneven.

She told me i should stop and let her focus. She then attempted to comp her mistake after she saw how bad it turned out. I was super upset and pissed how snarky she was.

I tipped her $5 and stormed out. Learned my lesson and will never coming back to this overpriced "cost cutters".

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