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Went to fantastic Sam's to get a child hair cut for 9.99 the lady stated it won't be that its 12.95. She was rude.

Newport and Menifee. This horrible to try to get business and its horrible how can they do this when its like this family's are having a hard time so its not cool. How can they expect to have happy business when they can't help people with their hair.

I don't believe how they expect us to still want services from them after finding this *** put over all its against the law! Its horrible to treat people this way!

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Telling you know is not being rude, and if you cannot afford to take care of your chid keep your legs crossed.

to Anonymous #852637

Sorry meant "no", but I still stick by my advice, if you cannot afford to take care of your child, including haircuts stop spreading your legs. Cut the hair yourself if you cannot afford the $3 extra.

It is not against the law what they are doing they don't have to accept coupons, what should be against the law is people having children they cannot afford, those children should be taken from them and put with wealthy couples who cannot have children. Or perhaps you were trying to get a child's haircut for yourself, well in this case you have to actually be a child to get the child haircut, it does not work if you act like a six year old child as you did.

to Anonymous #852639

I think she meant rude service is against the law, ha dream on Jenne, even if it was against the law if you cannot afford to spend the extra money for a haircut than you certainly cannot afford to get a lawyer and sue for hurt feelings. Most likely you forgot to mention the coupon expired but you think it should still apply to you because you are a single parent.

Well with your attitude it is no wonder you are a single parent.

I agree being told no is not rude, and it is not against the law. No wonder you are a single parent you make poor decisions, and if you are married that makes two losers raising a child they cannot afford to raise.

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