My 92 year old Mom wanted a Permanent in her hair for Christmas. I took her to Fantastic Sams located at 1524 W. University Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday, December 19, 2009.

I asked that they give Mom a "curly" perm and was shown two rod sizes (white & grey)and asked which one I wanted used. I chose the smaller grey ones for she wanted lots of curls.

They wet her hair (did not shampoo it) and after the perm was finished he began to cut her hair. I told them that I was not a hairdresser so I needed his advice about the cut… whether or not a blunt-cut, with the hair length just below her ears, would give us the desired curly style. We were assured that it would.

By the next morning it was obvious that the Perm did not take at all, Mom's hair was poker straight, so on Monday morning we went back in the shop.

There were two different operators in the shop and they looked up Mom's records and said that "They must have done something wrong with that perm." It was finally decided that perhaps her hair should have shampooed before Perming it.

Both operators said that they would RE-DO Mom's hair for her. They did, this time using tiny PINK rods, to get the desired CURL. As Mom was finished and getting out of the chair a woman who claimed to be the "MANAGER" (name unknown) came storming into the shop in an agitated state and confronted me saying "THIS PERM IS NOT FREE," and that I was going to pay "FULL PRICE FOR THE SECOND PERM"

She claimed that I had "Asked for the grey rods" and that I had "Asked for the blunt-cut." Neither claim is correct. Somehow, according to her, this was supposed to be the reason the Perm did not take in Mom's hair. You could not reason with this woman as she was so nasty and confrontational.

The only reason I allowed them to Re-Perm Mom's hair is because they had indicated to us that they would make the first perm good.

Before I could get out of that shop this "Manager" embarrassed both me and my Mom by being very verbally abusive….she had called me both a liar and a thief.

When I went to the front desk to pay AGAIN for this perm (as demanded) so I could get out of there, this "Manager" came stomping up to me and demanded in a loud voice "YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO WALK OUT WITHOUT PAYING ME, DON'T YOU?"

On Saturday I paid $55.00 for the Perm and on the following Monday I paid $45.00 for the second Perm.

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yeah right... B.S. i don't believe it happened


yeah right... B.S. i don't believe it happened


If it were me I would have asked to speak to the person who did the perm in the first place and that if she demanded that I pay I would have laughed in her face and told her I would have paid if they had done it right the first time. There is no way they can make you pay if they didn't give you the service promised.

Next time someone does this to you ask to speak directly to the person who promised it to you. My advise don't even go back, not even just for a hair cut.


:eek wow...


:x What? No right after she finished doing your mom's hair for the 2nd time I would have called the cops on them and they would have told you that you didn't have to pay.

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