My mother made go here and so I did. I knew they would give me a horrible hair cut from the start.

I gave her numerous pictures of the same hair same person. She gave me layers. I ask for an inch off my layers were more like she forgot to cut the under layer of my hair I could have done it my self and it would have looked better. It's so bad I can't even put it in a pony tail to make it look good.

You better off going to great clips and another stylist was sitting in the chair next to me. Staring at me. I felt uncomfortable. And there was hair hair everywhere.

From the wall it was stuck on the wall on the cover they put over you.

Unsanitary. I should have paid more attention by being the only costumer there.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Englewood, Florida, United States #691267

If u knew t was going to be bad why! Did u even sit in the chair!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #625082

Well, missy, just what do you mean when you say"from the wall, it was stuck on the wall?" If it was on the outside of the cape they put over you, I wouldn't call it unsanitary. It might not look nice, but if you keep your arms and hands under the cape, you won't get contaminated.

If you are so great at cutting hair you can fix it. Every body gets a bad hair cut, at least one in their life. Pretend like you wanted to try a different hair style and get over it. It will grow out.

Also some of your grammar isn't real great and you seem to have extra punctuation in places.

Just because you were the only one there, doesn't mean they are bad, you just picked a slow time of day for them. If you are old enough to go a beauty salon by yourself, you are old enough to act more mature, and quit nit picking every thing about the place, just because you don'y like your haircut.

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