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I went in for ombré on my hair. We decided on purple like the first picture with the white on the bottom.

My hair is the second pic after she dyed it. She told me it wasn't going to look exactly like the first pic but the end result looked nothing like it! It wasn't even ombré it was barely even purple! I went back and they rudely told me it was ombré and to wash it a few times so it will lighten.

So I did and went back. They still very rudely told me it was ombré even though at this point it wasn't even purple anymore. It was a faded brown with some purple pieces!

I paid $140!! I didn't even get what I asked for and she told me I couldn't get my money back!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Darien, Georgia, United States #1282024

Only a *** goes to fantastic sams for that kind of color. People take in pics of celebrities who spent 800 bucks with a colorist, but want the exact same look for 60 dollars.

Naples, Florida, United States #1278392

In all fairness, not everyone's hair reacts to color the same way. Mine doesn't, and won't hold a perm.

If I want a medium brown, I have to use black, if I want blonde and not honey, I have to use the lightest available, which will lighten up considerably after about a week of washing.

My hair just doesn't cooperate.

It is the same with perms. I don't bother anymore since for me to get light curls or waves, I have to get a kinky perm, which will fall out after about 2 weeks.

You can't hold a stylist responsible for your hair if they do exactly what you tell them.


Unfortunately I'm not surprised by these results. As a professional it is in our hands to explain when something is not achievable in one appointment, or explain it would be considered a color correction and charged accordingly (A color correction is not limited to hair disasters but also extreme color changes that involve multiple processes.) I recommend seeing a color specialist for a consultation before even beginning the this kind of change. We cost more but there is a reason, ive invested thousands in continuing education to keep up with the demands of my clients and offer the best.


Girl I feel you!!! It's so hard to find good hairstylists nowadays.

to Whoanellly Naples, Florida, United States #1278389

To be fair, not everyone's hair will soak up color the same way. My hair won't even hold a perm, let alone hold a color. You can't blame the stylist for your hair not complying.


hey dumb *** it is a professional salon! apparently you did not see the "before" train wreck she came in with...

I see PURPLE and white on the bottom, like she asked for. Stylist are not God.

You see she didnt post a pic of the actual photo of what she asked for. Only hearing and seeing one side.

to Anonymous #1072101

Hey ***, the purple and white ombre picture is the picture she TOOK IN to show the stylist - it is NOT a photo of her hair!! The hair the stylist gave her was the picture where the black goes into brown and a messy pinkish faded colour. Don't be so ignorant next time, dumb a$$ !

Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States #973347

Who goes to Fantastic SAMs for something that should be done by a color professional in a salon? You deserved this for thinking someone right out of beauty school would give you those results.

Kanata, Ontario, Canada #953622


I would be sooooooo mad!! I hope you didn't have to pay for that garbage!

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