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Fantastic Sam's Spring Hill, Ks.

I came in to get my hair cut shoulder length and get a very very VERY slight ombre on just my tips. It was my very first time putting any dye whatsoever in my hair. First, she absolutely refused to cut it shorter than what is in the picture. She didn't listen at all to what I said about the color or location. She ended up dyeing almost my entire head this nasty yellow color. When I told her how my sister had hers done, she said she doesn't like the way they do it because it will be "choppy and uneven". She insisted on doing it her way. I think what she did is the exact definition of "choppy and uneven".She ruined my beautiful natural hair color. I had the best natural highlights that are now gone and replaced with this yellow pee color. And even after all of this, they made me pay the full price. $94 for ruined hair. I have to go to my friend's wedding tomorrow. Joy.

PS. her and her co-worker left in the middle of my cut to "smoke that thing in her purse". And then fought over who was going to pay for pop and snacks. I am dead serious.

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Omg I loved this review and read it aloud to a friend. We both laughed.

Sorry about your hair

Phuket, Thailand #952076

You should face that way in all your photographs. It's your best side.

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