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I went in to the Fantastic Sams on US 41 in Bradenton, in the Target plaza. I used to go to the salon in Ellenton and recently moved to this area.

I have talked to the owners while in Ellenton on several occasions and I knew they owned this salon as well. I expected to get the same quality of service and left the salon in tears. I have been growing out a stacked bob for nearly a year and my hair was to my shoulders almost completely fitting in a ponytail. I told the stylist, Mandy, I was growing it out and wanted a trim.

I mentioned maybe having some layers put back in to help the curl, but was concerned that it wasn't quite long enough. She indicated that she knew what I wanted. She trimmed the ends and proceeded to cut layers, which resulted in a loss of about 6" on my whole head. I now have my top layer of "bangs" that barely reach the end of my nose, hair which used to reach my shoulders.

I now have to straighten my hair on a daily basis which will increase the damage to my hair, plus I can no longer show off my beautiful curls. I have a very round face and this cut will probably continue to look bad for several months and it will be another 6 months to a year before my hair is back down to my shoulders.

I would upload pictures if possible. I have never been this disappointed in a stylist in my whole life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fantastic Sams Haircut.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Oh my is that a bad cut. I'm feeling for you!

That's not even a Trim on the ends!

That's a *** job. D:

Dale, Hordaland, Norway #406875

Pam, while I understand you are just doing your job, I have no interest in persuing this any further. I have worked retail management for 7 years and I am aware that any further action merely results in coupons for free or discounted hair cuts/merchandise.

If this is what I get from a full price cut, what will be the result of a discounted one? I am not interested in EVER returning to one of these salons again.

I merely want to warn other clients of the potential outcome upon entering these salons. I am still having to pin my "bangs" back after nearly 8 weeks so that I can attempt to look professional at work.


I am sorry you did not receive the type of service you would expect from Fantastic Sams Hair Salons. I have forwarded your complaint to the regional office.

If you would like to speak with them, please email me your contact information at Thank you.

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