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My mom and I went to the FS on 694 and Centeral in Fridley, MN. I asked for a Hair cut, style and eye brow wax like I aske everytime I go.

While doing my eyebrows the lady said good for you my a perfectionist at doing eyebrows. UGH wrong I left there with wax all over my eyebrows opps forgot a step while doing eyebrows. Then we get back to her chair and really loud she said what are you going to do about your drandruf (sp) my mom heard her across the salon, then she perceeds to say oh look you have a pimple on your scalp. I wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out.

Then she styles my hair maybe took her 10 mins. I go to the register and she goes your total is $43.99 WHAT. Usually cost me $30.00 at my normal FS I go to.. Yep 13.99 for h/c 10 for brow way and $20.00 for her to style my hair all I wanted was her to blow dry it when she was done.

I had to go home and redo my hair anyways cause it was all frizzy. My mom was charged the same thing. So that was that part of my visit the other part was the salon was dirty and nasty and the stylist were not dressed perfesionaly, they had jeans and hooded sweatshirts on. If I'm payin 43.99 for a hair cut I would expect some kinda of drink and message with that...

Not some nasty salon with unperfessional stylilst.

I WILL NEVER GO BACK. May not even ever go to a FS again.

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I must say I talked to the owner and I am very pleased with how he handled this. I will go to FS again!

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