Hey, I have been reading all the comments about Fantastic Sams in Hattiesburg and decided to post my very own experience At Fantastic Sams. I wish I would have read the reviews before I went to Fantastic Sams.

There was this gal who told me she knew all about syles for older women. I am not one of these young gals wanting a crazy hair doo. I am an older lady and a prominent member of my church. I love the Lord and almost lost it when this little gal, I think she said her name is Contesser had gave me one of those young crazy Hair doo.

I can't go to church looking like Britney Spears. I am FORCED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE TO WEAR A WIG!!!!

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woe, why did I open this page... O.o lol :zzz

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #189251

Don't worry you don't look like britney spears you look like a boy.


Thanks for the warning!

Remember you are a Christian ..so forgive her.. and Thank the Lord that your hair will grow out.


your hair does not look like britney spears, i know youdlike it to but it doesnt.it'll grow back.


Nothing wrong with wearing a wig, just think of all the cash you will save on hair care products, visits to the salon, etc. With all this extra money, you will be able to move into a little nicer trailer park. :p


lol, why am I reading this... :zzz

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