Today was my first time at Fantastic Sams and it was not fantastic at all. I was informed that this company only takes walk-ins and will not set any appointments.

I asked how long I would be waiting if I stayed and I was told by the greeter and a stylist that it would only be 30 min. 45 min later one stylist told me she was going to take someone who came in after me because she was off in 5 min and I was going to take longer. She informed me that I was next and the next stylist would only be a few min. 15 min later they called a woman with her two children to the next available stylist.

I asked the front desk why I was not called and she told me that they were on the list before me. I explained the situation and she said that they called these people earlier and they weren't here but since they came back they get to go before me. This is ridiculous! She said that I only had one other person ahead of me now and I could wait longer.

I waited an hour when I was informed of only a 30 min wait. I was told I was next in line and then pushed back behind 3 people because they decided to come back when it was convenient for them even though their name has already been called and they were not there.

This was extremely unprofessional. I can assure you that I will not return to this business and I will make sure I do not reefer anyone to this place of business.

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