I happened to be at Fantastic Sam's in Rockaway, NJ this afternoon when to my absolute surprise I witnessed the owner of the salon get up into a woman's face and shout loudly at her. She was not a customer but rather a good samaritan trying to help one of his customers.

He became outraged over, what to me, was just a caring woman offering assistance.

Someone ultimately phoned the police who arrived and settled the issue. It was an incident that should never have occurred and I, for one, will never return to this Fantastic Sam's again.

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I have been to this salon numerous times and find it hard to believe that the owner would act in such a manner. I have always thought him to be very kind and courteous.


On this day I was shopping in the neighboring store and witnessed this incident, I can atest to the fact that the woman involved was out of line and irate!

screaming over a dog that couldnt come in to the Salon..In my opinion the owner handled the situation properly and called the police and even when the police came to try and get this women to leave she wouldnt. To me it seemed like she was causing trouble. That is just my opinion.


Thank you for your comments. Our salons are owned and operated individually and I have forwarded your comments to the regional office for this salon so they can address this issue and also so they can make sure this does not happen again.

I am sorry you had to witness this unsettling experience. Thank you.

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